How to survive Senior year-3 Senioritis Fighting Tips

How to survive Senior year-3 Senioritis Fighting Tips

Senior year has been in session for over a month, and we all know that means senioritis has hit hard by now. There’s no telling if there can be a true cure to this condition (outside of graduation), but there are a few positive things you can incorporate into your day to boost your mood! Here are 3 tips to help you fight senioritis and make your school day more enjoyable! After all, senior year only comes once!

2020 Senior Friends
Tip #1: Don’t isolate yourself.

Senior year can start to be a little confusing on your feelings. It may seem impossible to keep pouring into friendships when you’re going to move on soon anyway! But that attitude will leave you dreading your day. Make sure to be friendly and maintain your friendships this year and keep making new ones! We’ve all had moments where we just want to sit in class and not talk to anyone- but this mindset will make you have some serious senioritis. Instead, open up to friendships and share your senioritis together- this makes it manageable! Bonus tip is to keep mentoring and being a cool friend to your younger classmates who look up to you!

Making Memories Senior Year High School Senior Smiles

Tip #2: Make memories.

It’s easy to go through the motions of senior year and to just sit and watch the clock until graduation arrives. OR you could get out there and make memories. Participate in all of the senior things, ex. senior nights, homecoming, prom, senior pics etc! Once college starts- adulting gets REALLL. So make memories now while you don’t have to worry about those adult things!

Tip #3: Be Grateful

Take time to remember how far you’ve come! 12 years in school is a huge accomplishment. Be grateful for your education and this chapter. If you start to feel senioritis come on strong, make a quick list of all the things you have to be grateful for at this point in your life. For example: friends, a place to learn, parents paying your bills, no student loans yet, being close to home, prom, homecoming, etc. There’s so much YOU get to enjoy, so be grateful for it & you’ll feel less trapped by the senioritis blues.

The senioritis road might seem long, but take it from someone who has been there, you’ll get through it! Senior year is once in a lifetime, so try your best to enjoy the heck out of it!

-Allison Miller, Munson-Cox Portrait Design



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