Mansfield TX Senior

We are SOOOO excited that Senior Week is here! We will be featuring some upcoming Seniors this week as they are getting ready to enter in to the graduating year. Lauren Knight will be a Senior at Mansfield High School and her smile is seriously contagious! In fact, she wasn’t sure she could pull off a serious look, but the shot above begs to differ! Scroll down to see some more from her amazing session.


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Our Grand Prize is 2 tickets to Ed Sheeran at At&T Stadium this October!

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Mansfield TX Senior Mansfield High School Senior

“One thing I am looking forward to during senior year is getting to experience all the “lasts.” That might sound a little weird, but let me explain. By the time you’re a senior, your life seems to have become a routine. We start to take things for granted, like a home cooked meal or getting to see our families everyday. I am looking forward to all the “lasts” because I think I will realize how blessed I have been over the last eighteen years, when everything starts to change!! ” – Lauren Knight (one awesome 2019 senior at Mansfield HS)

Mansfield High School Senior ACU



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